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So, What's Included in 
the Free Trial?
  • Turn-key, fully automated 7-stage Facebook™ Ad Funnel
  •  Define Ideal Client or target persona 
  • Create  irresistible hook, "Jaw Dropping Offer" or sweepstakes 
  •  Precise targeting of your Ideal Client
  • Custom and/or lookalike audiences (if available)
  •  Creative ad copy and image or videos proven to convert (minimum of 6 different ads) 
  •  Landing page optimized to convert and capture name, email, phone number, etc.
  •  Conversion optimization elements
  •  Optional "Book Now" button
  •  Thank you page to reinforce the offer and urgency
  •  Email & SMS list building, 
  •  Automated email/sms sequencing, copy and follow up drip campaign
  •  Facebook™ tracking pixel installed on your website, landing page, thank you page, etc.
  •  Retargeting ad campaign
  •  Full campaign KPI analytics 

Free trial value, including set-up and management fees: $4,750

Your cost: $0.00 

Client is responsible for Facebook™ ad spend. 
Recommended trial budget is $10 - $20 per day 

Why Do You Offer Free Trials?
Introduce local businesses to  the power of Facebook™ Advertising
Build trust and demonstrate results, risk-free
See if we are a good fit with your business
Shorten the sales cycle  
Anatomy of a Great Facebook™ Ad
Facebook™ ads begin with a compelling image - or better yet,  a video - that grabs people's attention in their news feed.

The ad copy is part science, part art is definitely the most critical part of the ad.  It must be relevant, solve a problem or provide a benefit, and there must be a clear call to action.

Facebook™ ads for local businesses must have a compelling offer for immediate results.  People are on Facebook™ to relax, catch up with friends and families.  If your ad is not eye catching with a great offer, it will be ignored.

We create and test at least 6 ads with various combinations of image/video, copy, offer and even landing page to find the optimal ad set and then scale to meet your goals. 
"I am a multi-family home builder in Atlanta and it was a constant struggle to find qualified because I am the broker as well.  It just took so much time, my time, which could have been spent doing better things.  Then Paul showed me what was possible with Facebook™ ad targeting.  I was blown away - I could believe how fast it was.  Best of all, I did not have to do a thing other than answer the phone!" 

Jim Cheeks - Red Brick Homes 
What Can Really Get for $20 in Ad Spend?
The beauty of Facebook™ is the ability to show your ad to those, and only those, who are likely to buy your product or service. You can target by geography, demographics, interests, shopping habits, income, and thousands more.  

In this example, we chose to find all women, from the age 18 to 65 that live in a 10 mile radius of Lynnfield, MA.

Because we are offering a free teeth cleaning, we further narrowed the audience to women with an anniversary within 31 - 60 days or were close friends with a woman with a birthday within 7 - 30 days or they were just interested in white teeth!

Facebook™ found 49,000 women who match that criteria exactly and will deliver between 25 and 125 leads A DAY for $20.
"I am a real estate attorney in Salem, MA and I was always hustling for clients because it was very competitive.  To get new clients, I relied on referrals and networking, networking, and  more networking, which I really hate.  So my client flow seemed to be feast or famine.  No consistency, no process.  I heard about Bigfoot Strategies from a realtor friend and what a godsend.  Steady flow of qualified leads and no more networking!"  

Sandra Goldstein - Attorney at Law
The Ad is Just the Beginning of Your Sales Process 
To maximize conversions and Return On Investment, the ad is just the first step in the journey from stranger to loyal customer.  

The landing page is the destination where your lead lands after clicking your offer.  Without an expertly designed webpage, conversions - and lead quality - will plummet.

It is critical that you have an automated system to capture your lead's email and phone number and can automatically send messages periodically until your lead is ready to buy.  

Oh, and don't forget to install pixels on your website and landing pages to further reduce customer acquisition costs. 
Facebook™ Advertising is the fastest, most affordable way
you can grow your local business.  Period.
Where else can you get your business in front of 50,000 of your "ideal clients" for $10 a day?  
Where else can you target your audience so precisely that only high quality prospects will see your ad?
Where else can you launch an ad campaign and watch the leads start coming in within 24 hours?
"I started an online store when I was 56 years old.  It was my first business.  I spent so much time and money on SEO, a YouTube™ channel, an Instagram™ account and I even tried to do Google™ and Facebook™ Ads with lousy results.  I was so  stressed out and overwhelmed, couldn't focus on my business let alone my family.  I almost quit.  But I met Paul and he made a some of tweaks to my store and began running Facebook™ and Instagram™ and the traffic was like BAM!  Within a couple of months the business was cash flow positive and I was finally able to relax.  A little."   

Carolyn Mayes - Shopify™ Store
More Winning Facebook™ Ads
"I am a  contractor on the Northshore of Massachusetts and we wanted more roofing business because a new roof can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000  here and we can knock them out in a week.  The problem was everyone competes on price and it's a race to the bottom.  So Paul suggested we repositioned my offer and target people  with Facebook™ Ads who value quality over price.  The leads were kind of expensive but the return on investment was astronomical."  

Michael Sheppard - Affinity Construction
We're local - come visit us!
We are located in the most beautiful seaside town on the North Shore of Massachusetts, 15 miles northeast of Boston.  Stop by for some coffee, a beer, a tour of the harbor or a refreshing swim!   
7 Hillside Ave, Marblehead, MA 01945  (617) 448-4848
Our Guarantee  
If you are ever less than satisfied with our service, for any reason, we will refund your money.  Period.
Does not include platform ad spend (i.e. Facebook™ charges)
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